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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Is what this blog said automagically as i transferred from the now defunct Windows live spaces :( Im going to miss the picture albums, hopefully ill figure out a way to get them back up.

I will have to make a proper blog post soon but to say a lot has changed in the past few years would be a total understatement. Monkey Island is Back, Telltale is going strong and Ron and Tim are working together again under the same roof. Its a great time to be an adventure fan.

I have also started playing Guitar again in a pretty major way so expect some non gaming related posts when i end up doing something im really proud of. If it becomes an issue in terms of dominating the pages content ill make a second blog and post it there. Hopefully i manage to have some sweet game tune covers up in a bit.

Anyways, summary: New Blog, probably still wont use it because im playing guitar, old post still kickin but pics are down temporarily.

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Welcome Mojo visitors :D oh yeah and IGN did some cool stuff

Hi all
This is just a short news post and not so much of a blog entry
IGN is currently celebrating the respective Star Wars/Lucasarts anniversaries and have made one of their great IGN is AFK poscasts about it.
Check it out HERE
The podcast features several Star Wars geeks and at least one former Lucasfilm employee (who seem to be a pretty big adventure fan :D )
If you have come here from the link in the MixNMojo news post: Welcome  enjoy your stay and look around. There isnt much but i try do what i can within the limitations of MSN spaces. There is a photo breakdown of the packiging of loom FM-towns, a minor photo review of the tapwave zodiac, a gallery of pictures of one of my friends posing for my webcam, and picture of my adventure collection in the phot gallery section. Browse around, i hope you enjoy at least some of the content on this site or some of the other sites linked to. Pay no attention to the odd fact that this news item was posted several hours after the Mojo news item that cites my site ;) (see here for source)
This is the first time i have ever been cited as a source for a Mojo news item, im definately going to have to mark it down onto my imaginary calendar of personally important adventure gaming community dates :D
Also as you may have noticed, i almost never capitalize the word  "I" i kind of find it sort of arrogant :P
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New Forum!!!! very cool :D

Just a short quick update this time, I have just opened a new forum check it out here. I hope to use this forum to stockpile content for the new site.

Geez, soon im going to have to call it the GloKidd network :P

Also I have added LOOM FM-Towns to my collecton Yay! :D. I have posted a photo breakdown of the packaging and contents as a new photo album

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Once Again New Stuff is Happening

Over the last few days, i have been putting together a silly little page at Yahoo Geocities Check It Out .
Okay Its really just a silly little page wich is probably doomed to fade into net congestion obscurity, I just started it to attempt to get used to more complex content management systems. The MSN Space CMS is pretty light and easy to use, but is highly limiting. My recently added list of my adventure collection proved this to me. I cannot add titles per series, only add new entries to the list wich causes some messyness.
At the new site you can find a half-assed About Me Page cntining a mini Biography (which I will Probably expand on as time goes by) and a really basic list of my ScummVM Specific Collection. Plus i may post reviews to this site in preparation for my next big project.
What is that mystery project you ask?
Well… I could be all aloof and say something like "you all will just have to wait to find out" but really i dont see any reason to.  My next big project is: *Drumroll* www.technadventurolgy.com (working title, not yet a real site :P) This upcoming site will be a smattering of different themed blogs including:
  • Adventure Gaming News and Reviews
  • General PC/Console gaming reviews
  • Technology Reviews and reccomendations
  • Random fun stuff ;)
  • And more :D

I already have an additional news poster lined up, its someone everybody in the community knows in some way shape or form. I wont yet be revealing the mystery posters identity though, ill leave that up to him when we get to that point. With any luck ill manage to recruit a few more, that way the page will be updated far more regularly, sorta like mixnmojo.

Anyways, there has been a few other things that has happend since last i posted but to be honest im sort of tired of typing at the moment so it’ll have to wait untill the next time.


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My ScummVM for PalmOS Readme/FAQ is now up!!!

Hi all, I have been very busy lately. Why? (you ask, with a slight note of disinterest  ) because I have been working double time on the Readme/FAQ I have been writing for the PalmOS port of ScummVM. You can see the current work in progress in this entry in the PalmOS subforum of the Official ScummVM Forums. I am also proud to say that the Readme/FAQ is the current news item at Chrilith.com. This document is constantly growing, as every day more and more people post additional tips and tricks for getting the most out of ScummVM on their individual devices. If any of these contributors are reading this right now, thank you for all the help, I really appreciate it. All and all I really hope  this helps Chrilith out a bit, his excellent work with the PalmOS port of ScummVM has allowed me to carry the ability to play Monkey Island whenever i want in my pocket . I may have posted it a hundred times or so but thanks again Chrilith, You rock man!
I intend to post more about this as the document matures (It was posted 2-3 days ago and i have already edited it 14 times )
till then…
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New Additions to Site… Major Changes Planned

Well if you come here regularly (and really… who does? ) you will have noticed a lot of new things popping up. Ive been doing a lot of work on the site as I am preparing to evenually set up a real webpage with media, downloads, and really fancy widgets :P.
The New Additions Are
~ A list of games in my Adventure Collection. Where possible I have set it up so each title has a link to their respective web page at Lucasarts Museum. In the future once i get my own webspace i will try to add more pictures To the Avdenture Collection photo album
~ A list of Wii links: The Wii is quite possibly the best system i’ve ever used. As a Monkey Island fan it is impossible for me not to get stoked at the concept of an entire console based on the "point and click" dynamic.
~New pics, and a showing of my new avatar. I’ve been fiddleing with Nero Photosnap and just the standard windows Paint program and am quite proud of how a few (not all ;P) of these turned out. ‘Straight outta hell’ is now my wallpaper
Basically I am going to take advantage of microsofts "generosity" and attempt to use this space as pseudo-Real-webspace untill i can get a real site up.
Until then expect to see lots of layout changes as I try to fit in the new lists i will be adding (lists ar very flexible :) )
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Damn there is a lot of snow out side….

Okay so… I havent posted here in a really long time. So much has been happening over the last bit that my head is spinning.
Where to start… Hmmm….. Updates
I upgraded my GPU to the new GeForce pci Card and have since been enjoying a plethora of new 3D adventures
On that Note…
!!!Two Episodes of Sam and Max have been released since last I posted!!!
This is clearly an example of me failing to accomplish the goals established in my original Mission Statement for this blog.
While I apologize for this, I also make no promises to try any harder
The currently released titles are thus
EP1: Culture Shock
A Villainous Mastermind has brainwashed 4 former child stars to promote his Hypnosis inducing ocular fitness tapes in order to dominate the airwaves.
EP2: Situation Comedy
A famous tv talkshow host\guru cracks up and takes an entire studio hostage. I hate to say it but i think Oprah might end like this (wearing her Dr Phil suit)
Personal dislike of oprah/Dr phil aside, the games are fantastic, Telltate has been doing a fantastic job with the series and i cant wait for the next one.
Next on the list *opens scratchpad, flips a few pages* Oh yes!
!!!!!!!The Nintendo Wii is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not only is it available but it has been world wide for quite some time now.
I managed to get one (and Zelda TP) on launch day, after a very long and cold lineup. That wal-mart was the only plake in the skeena region that had Wii’s on lauch day. The place was packed, Mosly everyone was joking about the PS3 bb-gun drive-by incedent.
I also ran into an old "friend" of mine from almost 20 years ago. I was sort of messed up, but nevermind about that.
I recently completed The new Zelda and I have nothing but good things to say about the experience. 50+ hours of steady progress during gameplay and boss fights that make you stand up and yell "Take That Mothe****er!!!" in victory make one hell of a combination.
Over the last few weeks i have become way more active at ScummVM. I have always been around the forums a lot but lately i have been wanting to do more. These days you can see me pretty regularly at #scummvm on irc learning how to compile under Dev-C++, a process that i will probably document and commit to the WIKI. Recently in my spare time I have been working on a Readme/FAQ for the PalmOS port and have made significant progress on it. I sent the WIP readme to the PalmOS dev Chrilith and It sound like we should be able to get together on it and make a final draft fairly soon. In fact, with regards to ScummVM, the last few weeks have been fantastic. Currently peres (the dev creating the new parralaxion engne) has really been helping me a lot in figuring out how to compile ScummVM and in the process I have learned so much. A real bonus is that I get to see (and possibly even help) this new engine evolve into a stable release and in the process i can learn the fundamentals of Reverse Engineering an engine for ScummVM.
I am so ridiculously stoked about this I cant believe it (hence the lack of any formatting above)
I think my next ScummVM project will be a series of instructional videos for New Users, probably hosted via youtube. Ive found a few direct screen video capture program that should work for what i need it to. From there its just a matter of editing it together with a voice over and Descriptive visual effects. Im Looking forward to doing this one.
[Inert Favorite Chuck Norris Joke Here] ~sorry about the re-run.
Anyways, thats enough blogging for me for one day
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